Do Sex And Skydiving Mix, Ever?

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Porn star starts a new type of "Mile High Club," prompting an FAA investigation.

Call him a pioneer in skydiving sex: porn star Alex Torres has done the dirty while skydiving! His female partner, Hope Howell, happened to be the receptionist at Skydive Taft, the skydiving school which, uh, hosted the event. Oh yeah, the dirty video which captured this Mile High Club milestone is set to a Katy Perry tune. And you thought getting it on in a public bathroom was racy! The skydiving sex video shows Torres and Howell having sex in a plane before making the leap; a running start, so to speak. Torres, who works as a part-time sky diving instructor in addition to filming porn, posted the video on his personal website in hopes of attracting the attention of Howard Stern. The Frisky: 3 Women Charged With Raping Men & Hoarding 33 Condoms Worth Of Semen

But he quickly took it down when he learned Taft Police and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had begun an open investigation on the pilot. At one point, the video shows the couple schtupping in a seat next to the pilot, behavior that "could affect his or her ability to concentrate on flying the aircraft or could result in the pilot being physically jostled…" A definite violation of FAA regulations, hence the investigation!

But, as no one was injured, all were over 18, and there were no witnesses besides a flabbergasted pilot, no charges were filed. The sex tape was filmed with Skydive Taft owner David Chrouch's permission, though he has since fired Torres; the owner is still debating whether or not to fire Howell. Perhaps he thinks he has a chance of getting some?

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