Is Bradley Cooper's New Mystery Woman Actually Jennifer Lopez?

Is Bradley Cooper's New Mystery Woman Actually Jennifer Lopez?

The face-covering woman spotted with Bradley Cooper this weekend totally looks like J.Lo.

Could it be that Jennifer Lopez is enjoying the dating scene now that she's no longer with ex-husband Marc Anthony? That's the recent buzz after a mysterious woman who looks suspiciously like Jenny from the Block was spotted cruising around L.A. with Bradley Cooper this weekend. If that's not J.Lo in the passenger seat covering her face as paparazzi snap photos, then it's her twin sister. (See for yourself here.)

This isn't the first time Jennifer, 42, and Bradley, 37, have been spotted together. Last month, the pair were seated next to each other at a fashion show and then had dinner together later that night at Per Se in New York City. They quickly brushed the dinner off as a business meeting, but a source says otherwise. Jennifer Lopez And Bradley Cooper Go On A Hot Dinner Date

"After their date in New York, Bradley and Jennifer stayed in touch. She does like his attention, and it makes her feel good that he seems so into her. She has a fun time with Bradley and he makes her laugh," a source tells People.

We believe it. Which makes us wonder, if they're only hanging around each other for work, why would J.Lo try to hide her face in these recent photos? Trying to conceal her identity in front of all those flashing paparazzi cameras only fuels speculation that the two are seeing each other in a more-than-business kind of way. After all, it's not like she's still with Marc Anthony and this is some steamy, illicit affair. 6 Lessons From Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony's Divorce

With that said, we understand that maybe Jennifer is concerned that people will think it's too soon for her to be back in the dating scene. Or perhaps she's got her young kids in mind and doesn't want anyone to know she's out on the town with another man.

Either way, we think they make a great couple and we'll be thrilled once J.Lo feels ready to smile for the cameras instead of cower from them!

Do you think Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper make a good couple?

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