$41K: What It Costs To Go On A Date With Scarlett Johansson

$41K: What It Costs To Go On A Date With Scarlett Johansson
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One famous guitarist shells outs, hoping ScarJo will put out.

Last week, celebrities (including Pippa Middleton) and well-off business people with deep pockets attended a British charity auction in support of the foundation, Breakthrough Breast Cancer. One of the many intriguing packages up for auction was a dinner date with the lovely and voluptuous Scarlett Johansson. The package was entitled "Lust in Translation," and surprise! Its auction resulted in the highest bid of the entire evening! Giuliana Rancic & 9 Celebs Who've Battled Breast Cancer

E! Online reports that Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood and David Tang (a Hong Kong businessman) dueled it out for the chance to spend an evening wining and dining the 27-year-old actress. The two men entered a bidding war, raising each other's bids again and again. In the end, they ended things amicably and decided to combine their highest bids for a total of $41,000, and both attend the date with ScarJo. Hopefully Scarlett is okay with her date suddenly being bumped up to a threesome!

The timing on this really couldn't have been better for Ronnie Wood. Just last week the guitarist was in a relationship, and we're sure anyone's girlfriend wouldn't be so cool with their beau going on a date with the infamous former Mrs. Ryan Reynolds, even if it is for a good cause (and especially after most of us have had the opportunity to see what she looks like in the buff, thanks to that email hacking scandal). 

Lucky for him, Ronnie and his girlfriend of two years, Brazilian Ana Paula Araújo, split just a week before the auction, freeing him up to bid like hell on Ms. Johansson. While no ex-girlfriend wants to see that her ex is rebounding with Scarlett Johansson, at least she can have some peace of mind knowing that he had to pay (a lot) to get the date.

We can surmise that the date may actually be a little creepy for young Scarlett: we're juts picturing two much older men (64 and 57) ogling her from the other side of the table while she pretends to laugh at their jokes. Aw, we're just kidding! We bet Ronnie Wood has plenty of interesting stories that will keep her interested for hours! And besides, Scarlett's used to awkward dates with older men, right? Scarlett & Sean Penn: Definitely A Couple

Have you ever attended a dating auction? Did you win a date, and did it go well?

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