Quicky Marriage! Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald's "Magical" Wedding

Quicky Marriage! Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald's "Magical" Wedding

Seven months after meeting, the hot twilight star marries her vocal beau. Too much, too soon?

When Twilight actress Nikki Reed met American Idol contestant Paul McDonald, they knew instantly that they should be together. The couple met in March 2011 at the premiere of Little Red Riding Hood, where Us Weekly reported that Reed told McDonald, "You're amazing. I'm blushing! I should go."

It only took McDonald, 27, a month to move into Reed's L.A. home, which to us, is moving really fast! We guess that's what happens when two people fall in love so quickly. McDonald admits to Us that his immediate connection with Reed, 23, is "weird." We think the fact he's never seen Twilight is weirder. Nikki Reed Is Dating 'American Idol' Hopeful Paul McDonald

"I haven't ever actually watched any of her movies," he admits. "I don't know too much of her career at all, but the person she is is super cool."

Um, ok...

The stars announced their shockingly quick engagement in June—just two months after their first meeting. It seems soul mates do exist, people! And this Sunday, they exchanged marital vows in front of 100 friends and family at a private ranch in Malibu. We are happy for the newly married couple, but no one is happier than they are. Nikki Reed's Quick Engagement: What Gives?

The bride tweeted a day after the wedding, "Yesterday was the most magical day of my life..."

As magical as Twilight, Reed? We think so! We hope these two last much longer than their engagement!

What do you think about quicky marriages? Do they ever last?

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