Write About Boobies And Win!

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Write about boobs in the community blog and you could win a $5 gift card to Starbucks.

We're running an ongoing contest on our Community Blog. Essentially, we give you a topic, you write a kick @$$ post about it in our community blog and share it with your friends and we pick a winner and send you the prize to your email. Write For YourTango And Win!

Okay, boys and girls, I'm sure you talk about boobs all the time. But if you talk about boobs on our Community Blog this week, you could win a $5 gift card to Starbucks. In case you weren't paying attention, here is how you enter: This week, write a post in the Community Blog.

Winners will be chosen on originality (no copying and pasting, folks), comments and shares. Basically, if you post something original that our community loves, then who are we to argue with that? So, make sure you share your posts and respond to comments.

The topic for October 17-21 is boobs! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and while breast cancer affects many women (and men). Boobs are also essential to our sexual and physical existance. They're how your mama fed ya and they're part of how your mama made ya or at least played a part in how your dad...okay, that's enough of that. No one needs that mental picture. 

So, write about your boobs, the good the bad, the ugly. Are they overrated? Are they underrated? Did breastfeeding change your relationship? Did getting a boob job change how you dated? And men, you aren't left out of this either. Do percieve women differently based on boob size or how much clevage she shows?

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to the blog and start writing. Log into your account and click HERE to begin. If you have any questions or problems ask Lyz. You can email her at lyz@yourtango.com

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