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Orgasms Make Couples More Likely To Want Babies

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Both men and women like the pleasure that orgasms bring — but only male orgasms are actually "necessary." At least that's what science says — because only male orgasms are needed to make a baby. And now they're trying to figure out why we should bother caring about women's orgasms at all.

Ah, science. Science has clearly never had sex, or it would know why female orgasms are necessary. In the meantime, Indiana University professor Elizabeth Lloyd, who has whittled down the purpose of the female orgasm into three main possibilities, says:

1. One such theory involves "pair bonding," the idea that orgasm bonds a couple emotionally so that they're more likely to pursue parenthood.

2. Another theory states that female orgasm is a part of mate selection: A woman will choose her mate based on his ability to bring her to climax.

3. And a third main theory involves the belief that the contractions of female orgasm will draw sperm up the reproductive tract and into the uterus.

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