Love & Beauty: One-Third Of Obese Women Were Sexually Abused

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Plus, why you shouldn't trust men who love big boobs, and why hairy armpits are sexy.

We have a very revealing experts piece out this week about obesity — according to one study, as many as 20-40% of obese women have been sexually abused. (No one knows the exact amount, as many cases go unreported.) One patient says: "My obesity keeps men away; I was sexually abused by my dad for 4 years of my life." (YourTango Experts)

Men who like big breasts like to philander. Men who like normal/small breasts are more into serious relationships. Surprised much? (YouBeauty)

Men who like hairy armpits, on the other hand, are relatively rare. But one daring writer says "if a guy finds me attractive, he will find me attractive with my armpit hair." More power to you, gal! (The Stir)

Speaking of letting it all grow out, does having natural hair, if you're African American, change the way men talk to you? And does it change their approach for better or for worse? (Madame Noire)

Also from Madame Noire, here are some black celebs who look better with natural rather than relaxed hair. Like Lauryn Hill. (Madame Noire

No wonder Rob Kardashian secretly scarfs on junk food; his sisters are crazy dieters. One girl describes her struggles with secret eating. (The Frisky)

Chocolate, as we know, has tons of health benefits. According to a new Swedish study, it could help prevent stroke in women. (Huffington Post)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Daily Glow is showcasing some lovely, inexpensive products that give back to the cause. (Daily Glow)

And finally, why redheads are hotter than other people, according to Elmo. (The Gloss)