5 Names We Hope Prince William & Kate Choose For The Future Queen

Prince William and Kate

Here's what we think the royal couple should consider as future baby names for a daughter!

Our favorite royal couple may not have any immediate plans to start their family, but as soon as they do, some new rules in place by the Prime Minister will allow a first-born daughter to one day become queen! A Royal Expert's Take On Prince Wiliam and Kate Middleton

People reports that, as it stands in England right now, if Kate and William have a daughter first and a son second, the son would be able to bypass his older sister and one day inherit the thrown. Say what?! This rule isn't only sexist, but totally outdated! With the royal couple in the know about the changes, Prime Minister David Cameron is making some adjustments to update the monarchy and get rid of silly rules that would prevent a first-born girl from taking her rightful place on the throne.

"We espouse gender equality in all other aspects of life, and it is an anomaly that in the rules relating to the highest public officer we continue to enshrine male superiority," Cameron wrote in a letter to the government. Hot Date Idea From Prince William & Kate: Volunteer!

We could not agree more, Prime Minister!

Who knows when the royal couple will start having kids, but here are 5 names we hope they consider if they have a future queen first.

  1. Diana. Maybe it seems obvious, but we would love to see William and Kate pay tribute to the Prince's mother by naming a daughter after her. After all, Kate wears Diana's sapphire engagement ring, so it's clear the couple wants to keep Diana's memory alive. What better way to preserve her legacy than to bestow her name to a future queen? /node/85828
  2. Elizabeth. We think the royal couple should consider this name for how traditional it is. But, if they choose it, they should give it a modern spin to update it—a nickname would be the perfect way to freshen up this oldie-but-goodie, like Liz or Beth. Like her mother Kate, the future queen could go by either her full name or nickname (and hopefully she'll be spared any public nicknames like "Waity Katie.")
  3. Jane. Sure, it sounds plain, but if the couple wants to give their daughter a strong name, they might consider bestowing her with one from England's most loved female writers, Jane Austen. Will and Kate are educated and smart, so maybe they'll be drawn to the names of powerful female English authors. Or, they could consider a name from any Shakespeare play, like Juliet or Rosalind.
  4. Isla. The royal couple met in Scotland at St. Andrew's University, so this Scottish name (or any Scottish name, really) would be a special way to incorporate their meeting into their daughter's life. Maybe that's a self-important thing for parents to do, but there are some seriously adorable Scottish names out there for little girls!
  5. Sophie. This name topped the female list for popular UK baby names in 2010. The Duke and Duchess don't seem like the type to hop on trendy bandwagons, but who knows? Maybe they'll want the future queen to be more relatable to the public, and giving her a more common, popular name might do the trick!

What are your predictions for the royal couple? Will they have a boy or girl first, and what will they choose for baby names?

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