Doctors Say Beyonce Is Not Wearing A Fake Baby Bump

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All of the gossip about a prosthetic bump is total nonsense. Here's a professional take.

Beyoncé caused quite the commotion this week for a would-be conspiracy that some have dubbed "bump-gate." That's bump as in "baby bump." In case you missed it: while appearing on an Australian television show Sunday night, the mom-to-be's tummy seemed to, well, deflate as she sat down. This led to speculation over whether she was wearing a prosthetic bump.

We know our culture keeps a close eye on celebrities, especially when they're pregnant, or hoping to get pregnant. But enough is enough: in examining photos of Beyoncé, we have no reason to believe the pop star is wearing a fake bump. Perhaps when she bent over, her dress simply became looser, giving the appearance that her belly was shifting.

And bear in mind: if Beyoncé is, in fact, due sometime in February, as she told her interviewer, her belly may not even be very noticeable yet. She's somewhere between 20 and 24 weeks pregnant, which means her baby and uterus are not very big; her bump shouldn't show very much. In our professional opinion as doctors—without having examined her—we think she looks appropriately pregnant at this point.

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Written by Dr.'s Yvonne Bohn, Allison Hill and Alane Park for The Daily Beast.

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