Love Bytes: Why Is Chivalry Bad For Women?

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Plus: Where do all the nice guys hang out? 8 horrifying sex injuries. Occupy Wall Street condoms.

In some places, treating someone unfairly in the name of protecting their best interest is considered a kindness (we're talking noblesse oblige, people). But most of us adults would call that condescending (and some feminists would call it patronizing, hmmm). Evidently, "benevolent sexism" is a thing though. It's when a guy open doors for a gal, and the like. But apparently it's a close cousin of "hostile sexism," the type of sexism when women aren't allowed to drive, and the like. That's, like, a bummer, man. (Em & Lo)

This Occupy Wall Street thing has really taken off… even Kanye has heard of it, and he's nowhere near hip. Oh, and the protesters have their own condoms, which is good, because you'd imagine many of them can't afford children at this point. (Village Voice)

Speaking of prophylactics, with all of this ED (erectile dysfunction) medication available, why haven't dudes been clamoring for some sort of medicinal birth control? Not my uterus, not my problem? (Role Reboot)

Yangs! Sexing it up can be dangerous, and not in the STD kinda way. Significant injuries can happen if you're not careful in the boudoir. (The Frisky)

Crap, this Venn Diagram confirms what we've all suspected: All the good men are gay. (Buzz Feed)

Sorry, we meant all the good guys are gay or… taken. Our good friend Andrea Syrtash takes on what to do when you have a crush on someone who is not your spouse. (Glo)

But if you know where they're all hanging out, you may just meet a good guy after all. Think globally, love locally. (Madame Noire)

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