Is Beyonce Faking Her Baby Bump? More Importantly, Why?

Beyonce pregnant

A new video shows the singer's bump deflating then reflating. Prosthetic belly alert!

The world was thrilled that Beyonce and Jay-Z were expecting their first child when the songstress shared her baby bump at the MTV VMAs. But now, the soon-to-be mama is coming under some serious scrutiny after an interview on an Australian television show reveals what appears to be Beyonce's belly deflating as she sits down! Beyonce & Jay-Z: It's Baby Time

In the video (you can watch it here), the expectant mama walks on set, greets the host, then sits down. According to, as she sits, her belly appears to flatten, change shape, then rebound to a normal bump. What the what?!

It's totally possible that what people think is a prosthetic belly is actually an illusion created by her dress. Even in the freeze framed pictures, it's  hard to tell what's going on with her stomach. But now there's serious speculation that a surrogate mother is carrying Beyonce and Jay-Z's little one! Though Beyonce told the Australian show's host that she's due in February, we're curious if she meant herself or the surrogate. And if they do have a surrogate, why not just be open about it? Beyonce On Her Super "Fun" Pregnancy

This isn't the first time people accused Beyonce of exaggerating her baby bump. After revealing her tummy at the VMAs, some bloggers took to the web and slammed the singer, saying she was wearing a fake pregnancy belly to make her bump look bigger for a more dramatic "unveiling" of her pregnancy. 

If she's trying to fool the world, it might not be working as well as she'd hoped, especially now that people have seen her belly crumple and rebound—in high definition, no less! Beyonce's Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings

Whatever the case may be, we wish the best for the couple and their baby, whether it's delivered by Beyonce or someone else entirely.

Do you think Beyonce is faking it? 

Photo Credit: Getty