Love Bytes: Is Sexual Tension In Sitcoms Dead?

Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn
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Plus, 10 "little white lies" that ladies don't mind telling.

Based on the ratings that Free Agents got, there is a good chance that its cancellation will not affect your life even in the slightest. However, the anticlimactic plug-pulling of the Hank Azaria — Kathryn Hahn vehicle is the death knell of will-they-won't-they sitcom sexual tension. In other news, am I the only one a little irritated that focus groups (made up of people who have nothing to do on a Tuesday at 2 PM) and Nielsen ratings (in which a 25,000 household sample determines what the entire country is watching) get to pick what goes on and stays on TV? (Shine)

No one tells 100% of the truth 100% of the time. And men choose to believe many of theses common untruths. I think it's wonderful that a site largely dedicated to black women refers to little white lies as "whities." (Madame Noire)

I've long said that if you're not fishing where the fish are, you're just drinking beer in a boat. Sometimes you have to go to a few fairly odd places to meet a great guy… here are five. (The Frisky)

Occassionally, it's really difficult to figure out if you're dating, hanging out or friends with benefits. Steve Ward, host of VH1's Tough Love Miami, can help you learn the difference. What a relief. (Betty Confidential)

Sometimes (often) young men are no good at figuring things out when it comes to matters of the heart. A young man really wants to know how a "friend with benefits" may go on to become a girlfriend. My advice, buy her flowers. (Em & Lo)

And if you're having plenty of sex in any configuration of man-lady interaction, you should at least consider using some sort of birth control. Hey, what if a man could take a birth control pill? (College Candy)

On a seasonal note, happy Canadian Thanksgiving, y'all. Here are 10 sexy Canadian hockey players. Told you I always take care of the ladies' needs. (TresSugar)

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