Leonardo DiCaprio Moves On From Blake Lively With A New Model

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Well, that was fast! Meanwhile, Blake might be rebounding with Ryan Reynolds...

Leonardio DiCaprio has always struck us as simple man, who sticks with something when it works. In his professional life that means lots of Martin Scorsese directed dramas, and in romance, that pretty much means a steady slew of super-model girlfriends.

So, the 36-year-old actor threw us for a loop when he recently dated actress, Blake Lively. The change in his love life almost had us believing the tabloid rumors that Leo, a classic womanizer in the George Clooney vein, might actually settle down and get married.

Alas, their short-romance was not meant to be, and on the heels of the reports that Bleo is totally finito, Leo has been seen out and about with...a second-grade school teacher. Ha! In your dreams, ladies! Leo is actually dating another foreign supermodel. Leonardo DiCaprio Moves On From Blake Lively: What Went Wrong?

The new lady is believed to be Alyce Crawford, a gorgeous Australian model who looks like the lovechild of Leo's previous cat-walking girlfriends, Gisele Bundchen and Bar Rafaeli. She must have caught his attention with her full, pouty lips and blindingly shiny hair. 

According to E!, Alyce, who appeared on Australia's Next Top Model, met Leo in her homeland, where Leo is currently shooting The Great Gatsby, and the two have been "smitten" ever since. Blake Lively Has An Aussie Birthday Dinner With Leonardo DiCaprio

Don't feel bad for Blake Lively, however. She hasn't exactly been spending her time crying into a cocktail and cursing her inability to land a cover of Sport's Illustrated. In fact, Blake is rumored to be rebounding with a certain Green Lantern co-star of hers, the former ex-Mr. Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds! The two were spotted together in Boston in Ryan's temporary apartment.

So, it looks like Blake and Leo are completely over each other, right? Or is this just a genius maneuver in Blake's diabolical plot to land the Titanic star as her husband? Did Blake Lively Use 'The Rules' Dating Manual To Hook Leo?

How fast did you rebound with someone after breaking up with your ex?

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