Love & Beauty: Does Wearing Makeup Really Make You More Likeable?

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Plus, do men really like fake breasts? 12 celeb tanning disasters. Steve Jobs' timeless style.

A new study shows that wearing makeup can make women appear more attractive, competent, likeable and trustworthy. Although the results sound legit, we can't help but notice that the study was done by Procter & Gamble, who own CoverGirl, Max Factor, Lacoste Fragrances and more. You do the math! But check it out for yourself and let us know if you agree... Does makeup really make you more likeable? (YouBeauty)

The age-old question: Do men really like fake breasts? (The Gloss)

Speaking of fake things, the Kardashians blame their late father for making them "look like trannies." Boohoohoo. (Shine)

Some factors that determine how well you will age. Being a Kardashian may or may not be one of them. (Glo)

Here are 12 of the worst celebrity tanning disasters! (The Frisky)

And 8 of the ugliest pairs of jeans on the planet. (CollegeCandy)

On a serious note, The Daily Beast did a fashion tribute to Steve Jobs' "timeless geek chic." (The Daily Beast)

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