Why Is The Media Attacking Black Women For Being Single?

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New book "Is Marriage For White People?" continues to stir up controversy with black women.

Fox News. The Los Angeles Times. The New York Times. The Wall Street Journal. These are just a few of the publications that have jumped on the media bandwagon, singing all praises to the controversial new book: Is Marriage for White People? How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone. Penned by an African-American professor of law at Stanford University, Ralph Richard Banks uses his book to recommend succinctly that successful black women look outside the black race to marry. He suggests that this is a far better road to take than "marrying down," or remaining alone. Citing many personal observations and analyzes of relationship data, Banks makes the case that there is no reason for highly successful black women to remain dedicated to the black man. In fact, he argues that many of the social ills in African-American society can be ameliorated by high-earning black women "marrying out," thereby creating more stable two-parent homes for black children. Madame Noire: Common Myths About Black Woman/White Man Relationships

Banks counters the arguments made by many black women who are highly educated but may prefer marrying a blue collar black fellow or remaining alone. Forget what they actually want—the law professor-turnt-love doctor wants these women to realize that most successful black men have no problem "dating out." Negative historical associations with white men and positive political intentions towards black men mean nothing. We've got to face the stark reality that there are 50% fewer eligible black men on the market than African-American women seeking mates. Deal with it—but don't go it alone. Madame Noire: Dating White Men To Understand Self-Love & Identity

Written for Madame Noire by Alexis Garrett Stodghill. Read the rest on Madame Noire: Our Marriage Meltdown & the Media's New Attack on Black Women

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