Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler: Back Together!

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

Not only are the two back together, but Jay was seen supporting Kristin on 'Dancing With The Stars'!

It was the breakup heard 'round the world... or at least around celebrity blogs and tabloids! Reality TV starlet Kristin Cavallari posed in a number of stunning wedding gowns for a Life & Style photoshoot just days before her fiance, Jay Cutler, called off their engagement at the end of July. Kristin Cavallari Posed As A Happy Bride Before Getting Dumped

Ouch! The Chicago Bears quarterback was rumored to have ended things because Cavallari didn't want to give up her reality show career once the two were married next spring.

In a strange twist of fate, however, it seems that the pair is not only back together, but that Cutler is actually supporting his honey's reality aspirations this time around! 

On Monday night, he was spotted in the audience of Dancing With the Stars supporting his former wife-to-be, according to People. We recently heard rumors that the two were "working it out" after a few months apart, but this speaks volumes about where their relationship is now. Is Kristin Cavallari Getting A Second Chance At Love?

And even though Cavallari and her dancing partner, Mark Ballas, were voted off the show (much to Cavallari's surprise and regret!), Cutler was there the next day to console her. According to TMZ, the two were spotted strolling L.A. hand-in-hand, making no attempt to avoid the paparazzi.

Cavallari's father and brother were also in the audience to watch her perform Monday night. We're curious if Cutler had a chance to talk to Cavallari's family, or if the couple's reconciliation is solely between them right now.

Either way, we'll be interested to see if these lovebirds work things out and give marriage another shot in the future! When To Give Your Ex A Second Chance

Could you ever forgive your ex if he/she broke off your engagement?

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