Love Bytes: 9 Out Of 10 Pop Songs Are About Sex

katy perry
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Plus, what if your fiancé didn't throw away his wedding photos from a previous marriage?

Do you like R&B? Of course you do. You groove to R.Kelly. But why do we like it? Science tells us we like certain music because, well, it mentions sex. A sampling of the top jamz of 2009 shows that 92 percent of them have a "reproductive message." And now you know why Ladies Love Cool James. (Nerve)

What would you do if your fiancé was previously married? Nothing, right? What if he sort of refused to throw away the old wedding photos? Something, right? (The Frisky)

Having a veritable smorgasbord of former spouses is a warning sign that something may be rotten in Denmark (nope, it's not a rancid danish). But, apparently, a myriad of former sex partners shouldn't mean a darn thing. Hmmm. (Good Men Project)

You'd guess that people are a lil nervous when they find out their partner's "number" for several reasons, and one of those reasons is that they fear they won't be enough to slake their sexual thirst. Even gorgeous celebrities cough poor Halle Berry have guys with side chicks. (Modern Man)

And it's not just handsome, charming celebs who are up to deceptive behavior. There is now a service that will send you pre-recorded voicemails and texts pretending to be a girlfriend. Wait, isn't the constant communication what guys don't like about having a girlfriend? (Glamour)

And once you do have a main squeeze, it's nice to have fun times that don't cost one arm and one leg. There are at least five things cool couples can do on the cheap. (TresSugar)

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