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14 Craziest Places To Have Sex

car sex

Sometimes you gotta switch up your sex life: do it outdoors, in a car, in your bathtub. As usual, the Twitter-sphere has tons of wacky and kinky ideas. With #CraziestPlaceIHadSex trending, here are some of our favorites:

@HartBreak__kidd: #craziestplaceihadsex baseball dougout my freshmen year of college bent her over tore them ribs up 

@JuliaRoxMySox: #craziestplaceihadsex in the Hot Topic dressing room at the mall ;)

@Sancrochenko: the #craziestplaceihadsex was in a poultry farm :P

@TOLYATHAT: #CraziestPlaceIHadSex in a well lit parking lot on top of a car while people was on there balconies lol

@AhoyBieber: #CraziestPlaceIHadSex the back of Justin's tour bus. #umad

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