A Romantic Evening In – Dating Without the Cost

A Romantic Evening In – Dating Without the Cost

A date doesn’t have to cost the earth to be a hit – read on to find out more.

While all of us would like to take our loved ones to the most expensive of five star restaurants and wine and dine them, unfortunately, it isn’t always possible due to the price tag. But just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date!

An evening in can be one of the most intimate and close dates you will experience. It gives you an opportunity not only to impress with your cooking and planning excellence but also to experience each other in a quiet, private setting. This enables you to share laughs, moments and a great evening without worrying about others around you.

So apart from the obvious roses, what steps do you need to take to create the perfect night in?

1. The Setting

How you put your setting together can make all of the difference. You could set the traditional candle lit dinner for two which will of course sweep your lady off her feet, or perhaps go for something different. If it’s chilly outside, why not keep it indoors? Set up some candles, stick some small glow in the dark stars to the ceiling and set up your picnic rug under the ‘stars’. Snuggle, nibble and see who can spot the most constellations.

2. The Sound

Needless to say, the soundtrack that goes with your date is important. It sets the mood, compliments your setting and can take a minute in time to a true ‘moment’. When considering your soundtrack, think about what you’re trying to achieve. If you’ve gone traditional, stick with it and choose a light, romantic album. If something less straightforward, like the indoor picnic under the stars, why not a CD of night sounds?
3. The Entertainment
Sometimes, on a date, you are your own entertainment – chatting easily and watching the time tick by effortlessly. Other times it is nice to carry on your theme. If you’ve headed in the direction of the picnic indoors, why not carry on the theme? Think drive in movies, home-style! Make sure the rug is in front of the big screen, snuggle up, get some popcorn and enjoy.

4. The Dessert

Like any great date, your desert is going to be one of the most important parts of the evening, so go all out! Think something that is tantalising, sweet and perfectly matched to the tastes of your loved one. You want something intimate you can share and feed each other. A great idea is a white chocolate fondue with strawberries.

5. Something Extra

Of course the perfect romantic night in is also the perfect time to make a special statement. Whether it’s a first date, an anniversary, a chance to reconnect or something more! The biggest statement you can make, is to pop the question – and why leave that to the fancy five star restaurants when you can do it under the stars, to the night sounds, after a great drive in show? Being at home also means you can make one of those incredible, movie-like statements, hiding the engagement ring and scattering rose petals on the path to it or having your loved one solve a series of puzzles. It’s your home, you’re comfortable, familiar and have as long as you need to prepare.