Why Don't Online Daters Care More About Politics?

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Most couples have similar political views. So why don't people express them when dating online?

There's also the fact that people know that certain topics probably shouldn't be covered on first dates like politics, religion and ex-love sob stories. However, in the end, people usually end up with partners who do share a very similar spot on the political spectrum. If this is true, why aren't people getting all the politics talk out of the way? If you're a liberal, don't you want to know if you're sitting across from a Tea Party member when you're on a date? I can't imagine you want to cover that topic when you're getting hot and heavy, you say you're pro-choice and they feel otherwise while they start playing whatever Tea Party members play as their getting-in-the-mood music (Amy Grant?)

They say opposites attract, and while I've never fully believed this personally, as I'm prone to falling for people who happen to be the male replica of myself, politics is something that online daters may want to cover early on. While they may think they're avoiding potential conflict, they are, in some ways, setting themselves up for long-term disappointment. Sometimes being the opposite from your love interest isn't always a good thing—especially when it comes to such emotional issues as abortion, gay marriage and musical preferences.

Do you think it's important for couples to share political views?