"The Office" Star, Jenna Fischer Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Jenna Fischer
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We knew Pam wasn't just acting like a mama-to-be on the show!

Ever since the new season of The Office started, we couldn't get over how real Pam's second pregnancy looked. Then we realized, duh! Jenna Fischer was pregnant in real life while shooting the new, post-Steve Carrell season. As of September 24, the actress and her writer hubby, Lee Kirk, are the new proud parents of their first child, a son named Weston Lee.

According to People, a rep for the 37-year-old actress says, "Mom and baby are doing great." 

During her pregnancy, Jenna was quick to say how "easy" it was, which she knew might miff a few of her fellow mamas-to-be. 

"Before all the pregnant women at home get mad at me for saying that, I just want them to know that while I did not have morning sickness, I have plenty of cellulite, and it's okay," she once said. "I've been cursed in other ways."

But cursed she's not, as now she has a healthy baby—one she said she couldn't wait for—with her handsome hubby. The couple, who were engaged in 2009, married last year in Malibu. The ceremony was officiated by Survivor host Jeff Probst, and was described by fellow Office dweller, Dwight (AKA Rainn Wilson), as "the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever experienced." How uncharacteristically sweet! Jenna Fischer Marries Writer Lee Kirk

He could probably say the same thing about the couple's beautiful new baby boy!

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