Love Bytes: 7 Golden Rules For Couple Party Behavior

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Plus, rotten fruit is an aphrodisiac. Who knew?

You know how stuff that's gross always seems to be good for you? Cod liver oil, exercise, kissing… you get the picture. It turns out that getting a whiffer full of rotting fruit scent will drive him (or her!) wild in a way that oysters, even if also rotten, couldn't even sniff. (Nerve)

Ever have a friend pitch up (arrive) at a party with a new "friend" and their interaction made you want to cut out your eyes and ears lest you witness one second more of their awkwardness? Here are seven rules you can just slide into your "friend's" inbox. (How About We)

Some people find the idea of male bisexuality to be spurious. A young, pregnant woman is a little freaked out after the father of her inbound child told her that he's done a little undercover work with dudes. (Em And Lo)

If you haven't seen Wet Hot American Summer, you need to stop what you're doing and WATCH IT. Paul Rudd plays a super-crappy boyfriend. You should probably see the other nine crummiest movie boyfriends. (TresSugar)

Are you a little too competitive with your sex? I'm not talking about racing to finish first, I mean feeling the need to brag about how much sex you and your significant other happen to be having. (Elle Canada) (Yes, they have it there too.)

It might be a bad idea to brag about how much sex you're having while on a first date. And here are 10 other things a dude probably should keep to himself whilst on a first date. (Betty Confidential)

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