Do Bad Girls Really Get All The Guys?

devil girl

Research says yes.

Lieberman even makes the argument that your favorite royal and mine, Duchess Catherine, used bad girl ways to woo her prince. Her see-through dress and the fact that she went out partying with other guys when he broke up with her only helped their relationship. Prince William couldn't resist Kate's allure, and now she lives in a castle and has the best hair of anyone on the planet. Point: Lieberman.

I'm not so sure about all of this, but I do believe there's some truth to Lieberman's research. Saying that men fall for "bad girls" though is kind of irksome — if "bad girls" are sexy and independent, why doesn't she say that men are falling for sexy and independent women? I'm sure it's an entertaining read (aren't all self-help books?) and I'd be interested to learn more about her philosophy. Just kidding! No I'm not. Yes I am! No I'm not. Yes! No. Yes! (Am I being bad girl enough?)

What do you think of the bad girl theory?

Written by Lindsay Mannering for The Stir. 

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