The Evidence Is On Twitter: Demi & Ashton's Status In Updates

Demi and Ashton
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A retrospective look at Demi (@MrsKutcher) and Ashton's (@aplusk) Twitter banter over the years.

Ever since Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore started dating in 2003, the couple—and their 15-year age difference—have garnered a lot of attention. On Jan. 16, 2009, Kutcher, then 30, joined Twitter under the handle @aplusk (for his initials). Just 10 days later, his wife of four years, Demi Moore, then 46, followed him to Twitter with her faithful handle @mrskutcher. Despite her initial popularity, with Kutcher noting she had almost as many followers as he did in a mere 24 hours, he asserted: "But I still love you baby!" And that was just the beginning...

What do you think of Demi and Ashton possibly splitting up? Read more at The Daily Beast: Ashton and Demi, in Tweets.

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