Love Through Hard Times


He emotionally-cheated, he keeps buying me gifts. But it's not helping at all.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, last week, my husband bought me an iPad. For some of you gadget-geeks that are already on your second and third iPad, you already know the ins and outs of the device, but for me it took some time to figure it out.

My husband and I had a cute little bonding experience trying to figure out how slide images across the widescreen and how to play AngryBirds. Let me give you the back story, he bought me an iPad as sort of consolation gift. I had caught him in a non-sexual marital affair— you know of the Anthony Weiner variety. While he didn’t physically cheat on me per say, I was considerably hurt. While an iPad is just the beginning of his groveling, it was a good start.

He should have bought me two, and that would have been a better start.

But the iPad is good because it makes it easier to ignore him. He showed me my favorite app, which is called Zinio, which lets me get all my discount magazine subscriptions right there on my iPad. Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Marie Claire are all now at my fingertips, and I can bury myself behind my magazines when I think of him ‘sexting’ that woman. Also, reading my magazines has provided me a lot of comfort during this time. It’s nice to read about other people’s lives and realize that in time things will get better.

Magazines always provide solace when my husband and I are fighting, and we’ve been fighting a lot lately, but I’ve remained up-to-date on my readings, and having it on my iPad makes it 100 percent easier to get to my discount magazine subscriptions. Another great thing about it is that I get all my new issues before they even get to the newsstands. This is perfect for me, and others like me who love to stay cuddled up on rainy days with a good book or magazine.

Even though, I’m still angry at my husband, trying to figure out the iPad brought us a little closer together. A lot of analysts warn that technology can split couples apart and drive wedges in a relationship, but in this one instance it seemed to bring us a couple inches closer, physically and emotionally. I mean, you have to get kind of close to explain how all those apps work, and allowing him to guide me through the workings of the iPad showed me that he still cared.