Love Bytes: 8 Major Health Benefits Of Kissing

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Plus: Would you freeze your eggs? Is "Whitney" a sexist show? What does a post-sex email mean?

Newsflash, friends, kissing is pretty good for you. While most of us like being on the other end of a lipper from a looker, most of us probably also didn't know there's more involved than good feelings. For instance, kissing keeps the muscles of your face strengthened and tight. Take that, licking each other on the cheek. (The Stir)

Whoa. Is Whitney Cummings' eponymous show, "Whitney," sexist and trite in its treatment of relationships? Really? From a sitcom? Well, I never. (The Daily Beast)

Everyone knows that young people are hooking up, like, ALL THE TIME. However, no one, not even learned doctors, has an exact definition of what "hooking up" exactly means. I've always assumed it had to do with video game systems. (How About We)

Is anyone 100% sure why Maria Menounos is famous? We do know she's very interested in having her eggs frozen. At 33 years old, is she jumping the gun a little? Would you freeze your eggs? (The Stir)

What happens when you move in with a guy, things are going great, and BAM the once-great sex comes to a total screeching halt? (TresSugar)

He could be bored of the sex. Frankly, you should be more worried if he's sending out post-coital emails. (Em And Lo)

What is cafuné? It's one of many great words without an English equivalent, and there are a ton of them. FYI, it's the act of tenderly running your hair through someone's hair. (Matador Network)

Maybe the above-mentioned couple needs a bit more distance for the hot sex to happen. Is distance the key to a happy marriage? It worked for one couple. (Shine)

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