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Not So Funny: SNL's Fred Armisen & Abby Elliott Call It Quits

Fred Armisen Abby Elliott

It looks like another relationship for Saturday Night Live cast member, Fred Armisen, has bitten the dust, due to his intense travel and work schedule.

People is reporting that the 44-year-old comedian and his fellow SNL castmate, Abby Elliott, 24, have broken up after a year of datingFred Armisen Is Dating SNL Co-Star Abby Elliott

"He was away all summer filming in Portland, she was on location somewhere else," says a source to the magazine. "They spent a lot of time apart, and they started to grow apart."

Doesn't that sound like the exact same reason given for the breakup of Fred's marriage to Mad Men star, Elisabeth Moss? They were married for 8 months before breaking up in 2010. At the time, a source told People that the long-distance nature of their relationship (Fred is required to be in New York every week for SNL while Elisabeth films Mad Men in LA) did not make for a successful marriage. Elisabeth Moss & Fred Armisen Split

Shortly after Elisabeth filed for divorce, Fred began seeing Abby, which probably seemed like a smart move considering they both work on the same show. But, evidently Fred just isn't a long-distance type of guy, and like déjà vu, a couple of months apart was all it took for another fledgling relationship to go south. 

If we could offer some advice to Fred, since he seems like a good guy whose relationships end mostly amicably (and don't involve rampant cheating), maybe he should try dating someone who is not an ambitious actress. Maybe a teacher who lives in New York most of the year, but can take the summers off and travel to Portland or wherever he's filming. That sounds like it would work, doesn't it?

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