Nancy Grace On DWTS & 15 More Awkward Celeb Nipple Slips

nancy grace dwts dancing with the stars
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From Nancy Grace on last night's "Dancing With The Stars" to that famed Janet Jackson "malfunction."

Let's talk about nipples — specifically celebrity nipples freeing themselves from the confines of celebrity wardrobes. It happens all time! Usually we ogle and move on but sometimes unfortunate combinations of wardrobe, setting, and nipple make us want to wash our eyes out with bleach. When Nancy Grace's nip made a guest appearance on "Dancing With the Stars," we saw it … but we wish we hadn't. "When we were doing our hopscotch portion of our dance, there was a little bit of movement but it did not rise to a wardrobe malfunction," she told Entertainment Weekly. Sorry, Nancy, there was full nip exposure. The truth hurts. But it's better than denial. Click through to see some celeb nip slips that made us feel uncomfie.

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