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The Science Of Smooching: Men View Kissing As A Means To An End

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Author and researcher Sheril Kirshenbaum says there's a science behind K-I-S-S-I-N-G. 

Presenting her theory, which is published in the new book The Science of Kissing, during the IdeaFestival, a four-day event designed to promote innovation and creative thinking, Kirshenbaum said:

"There really is a chemical basis for falling in love. I don't think trying to understand it takes any of the romance out of the equation."

Except it does, because apparently men view kissing as a "means to an end," while women say that for them, kissing is an important gauge of compatibility in a partner. Kirshenbaum said this factoid may be connected to the limits of female reproduction, which biologically pressures women to want to find better mates because they cannot have an unlimited number of children (but we can kiss an unlimited number of guys, now can't we?) 

"A first kiss is nature's ultimate litmus test," she said. 

Yet another study that concludes men want sex and women crave stablity? You don't say. It's gotta be more complicated than that, of course, and we can't wait to read more findings from Kirshenbaum's research once they come out. 

And wait a sec, haven't we all had terrible and awkward first kisses with people we've ended up being very compatible with? How do you explain that one, science? 

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