It's Family Day: Are You Eating Dinner With Yours Tonight?

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Sept. 26 is Family Day. Get off your cell phone and spend some time with the fam.

How often are you sitting down with your family to eat dinner during the week? You know, Crooklyn style with all the rowdy kids gathered together, husband and even the dog set around the table chatting, eating, bonding (or arguing). Well, if you don't do it often, today, September 26, is Family Day — A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children. Why? Because by participating in today's movement, sponsored by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, could persuade people to enjoy more family meals, and in some way, more family meals equal more of a chance to keep your children off of drugs.

I'm sure you're wondering how. Well, it is said that by gathering up the gang, it's a great opportunity to find out what's going on in your children's lives, and during that set time to dine together, your children are out of the street, away from the temptations of drugs and alcohol. In addition, these types of big family meals can benefit your whole family by improving their health with well-balanced home-cooked meals. I'm sure you know that when folks come home at different times and eat different things by themselves, they're probably not trying to pair a salad with that McDonald's burger they just picked up on the way home, and the last time they had potatoes was with that Popeye's dinner weeks ago. Studies in the past have shown that eating with family can improve a child's academic success, and keep them off of drugs, so this is a great idea, right? Madame Noire: How To Explain Homosexuality To Your Child

Though I will say, I'm the youngest chap from a large family and we stopped eating dinner together before I went to high school. I wasn't doing any drugs…And in American Beauty, that family was sitting down for dinner damn near every night and they were all still a hot mess. But let me stop being a Debbie Downer, because I do like the idea of this initiative because it gets people who in this tech-savvy world are so busy ripping and running, to sit down and actually talk. Will you take part and eat dinner with your family tonight? Let's hope so!

Written by Victoria Uwumarogie for Madame Noire.

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