Love Bytes: Your Divorce May Cost You Your Hair

Love, Heartbreak

Plus, the real reasons you're still single.

There's a theory that women who change their hair drastically are going through a major change in their work or love life. BUT maybe it's the other way around. New science tells us that hair loss in women is precipitated by genetics AND love loss through death or divorce. Crap. Being single is the one time you really need great hair… (Nerve)

Society is not as kind to balding women as you'd think. But it's not why you're single. You're also not single because you're too picky, you need to lose 5 pounds, or "it'll happen when you're not looking." There are deeper reasons. (How About We)

For those of you with boyfriends, you have to walk a fine line between helping your guy stay fashionable without being his mom. Fine line indeed. (Bad Online Dates)

You can remain friendly with an ex. At least that's what Adele says. This presupposes that men and women can be friends at all. (College Candy)

Living with a lover is tricky. But there are a few things you can do to make it less weird. For instance, your boyfriend could join Fight Club so you can have more free time to watch Friends marathons. And more creative solutions to cohabitation problems... (Glo)

It looks like empowered women, those who are decision-makers in the household, have sex less frequently than more laid-back ladies. Hmm, that's kind of crazy. (Huffington Post)

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