Kate Winslet's Fling With Richard Branson's Nephew Is Heating Up

Kate Winslet

The actress is rockin' and rollin' with her new love interest.

We all heard the story about a month ago—when Hurricane Irene was just getting started in the Atlantic Ocean—that Kate Winslet had been vacationing at Richard Branson's private isle in the British Virgin Islands when the house caught fire. Everyone escaped safely (Kate even carried Branson's mother out), but if you were like us, you were wondering: "What was Kate doing hanging out with the 61-year-old billionaire?"

Don't worry, the 35-year-old actress wasn't shacking up with the Virgin Group tycoon. But, she was heating things up with his nephew, Ned Rocknroll (seriously, he legally changed his name to that). According to some British tabloids, Ned (née Abel Smith), 33, was completely "smitten" with Ms. Winslet when he met her. A source for The Sun says, "He realized she was a real grown up and was attracted to her maturity. He also liked the fact she was a little bit older. He finds her incredibly sexy."

Ned divorced from his wife, Eliza, 23, earlier this year. Meanwhile, Kate was dating her model beau up until, well, when she met Mr. Rocknroll! Kate Winslet Is Dating A Hunky Male Model

Us Weekly reports that the new couple looked very close last week when Kate attended Richard Branson's father's funeral, and again when they took a romantic weekend together in the English countryside. "Ned is really happy with Kate," a source tells the mag. "He feels he can learn so much from her. It's sexy—a boy toy situation!"

Hmm, we can't really confirm that Kate sees her newest boyfriend as a "boy toy," given that they're roughly the same age. However, we'll bet that Rocknroll can certainly learn a thing or two from her! Kate Winslet And Sam Mendes Are Divorcing: Oh No!

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