Should You Move In Together? It Depends On The Reason

moving in together

"Why should he buy the cow if he can get the milk for free?" doesn't exactly fly anymore.

Have you ever had your parent or grandparent say something like, "Why should he buy the cow when he can get the milk for free?" It's so dehumanizing and silly, but of course they mean well, and you can't completely blame them — that was just their mentality growing up. Moving in together before you were Mr. and Mrs. just didn't happen. Now, it's practically all that happens. And guess what? Turns out, it's not hurting all of us "cows!" The Stir: 50 Must-Dos Before Moving In Together

The National Center for Health Statistics recently broke the awesome news that cohabitating before marriage does NOT affect the chances for a successful and happy union. As a technically "single" woman who has been living with her significant other for over three years, and plans to one day be his wifey, I have one word with which to react to this statement: "Suhhh-weet!" BUT, it must be noted, these stat people say the success factor weighs heavily on the couple's reason for living together.

It seems living together won't work when you're doing it for convenience's sake. You know, because you hate your smelly, slobby, grocery-eating roommate, so you figure, why not just move on in with the BF? Or you're doing it to save money, or so you can enjoy morning sex without a double commute. This "new rule" is not black and white, though. And I speak from personal experience.  

Written by Maressa Brown for The Stir.

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