A-List Links: Is Terry Richardson Engaged?

Broken heart

Plus, Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry go on a Thanksgiving date.

If you're reading this, you've either already shopped the Black Friday sales (Was it really worth waiting in line at 4am?), you're one of those goody-too-shoes who has no plans on endulging in the retail madness, or, possibly, you still haven't moved from where you crashed yesterday after that second round of pumpkin pie and are Internet surfing from your phone. Either way, here is some celeb gossip to tide you over the holiday shopping weekend. Remember, rumors don't cost a thing!

-How did you spend your Thanksgiving? Well, if you were Jake Gyllenhaal, you reportedly took your girlfriend Taylor Swift home to meet the family! According to Just Jared, Jake and Taylor were spotted getting coffee together the morning of Thanksgiving in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn where Jake's sister, Maggie, lives. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian and rumored boyfriend Gabriel Aubry were photographed out on a Thanksgiving date in LA, and single ladies Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler spent their T-Day in Mexico. We wonder if they ordered a side of guac with their tukey? [Just Jared]

-Celebrity photographer Terry Richardson has certainly endured his share of scandal this year. (Remember that model who called him out for being a perv on Jezebel.com?) Well, according to one NYC fashionista, the shutterbug has gotten engaged! His (younger, of course) fiancée Jen Brill evidently doesn't mind the controversy, or the fact that he sometimes appears naked and aroused in his work. It's like the saying goes: every pot has its lid. Congrats to them! [Clothes Horse NYC]

-Babies, babies, babies. It seems like every few week, another round of mommies-to-be announce their pregnancies, and this one was exception with TV darlings Rachel Zoe of The Rachel Zoe Project, and Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Fox News' Megyn Kelly, all declaring themselves to be in the family way. Mariah Carey is also rumored to be having twins! [Gossip Cop, The Hollywood Gossip, Huffington Post]

-Speaking of little ones, Justin Bieber is only 16 year old, but he's already thinking about knocking some girl up one day! According to HollyBaby.com, Justin wants to be married and have kids by the time he's 30. "I don’t know. It seems far away for me," said Justin. "But I want to be a young dad. I don’t want to be old and not be able to kick around the soccer ball, you know?" Well, it's good to know that girls aren't the only ones who give themselves ridiculous marriage and pregnancy timelines.

-In celebrity dating news, Jack Osbourne has a new non-famous girlfriend, as does Zach Braff. Congratulations boys! And all of the Internet was a-flutter when Brittny Gastineau was spotted recently with Olympic super-swimmer Michael Phelps on several different outings. Is this a blooming C-list romance in progress? According to E!, Brittny thinks that Michael is "cute." We'll take that as a yes. [Life & Style, OK! Magazine, YourTango]

-With Thanksgiving firmy behind us, we are now officially in the midst of the holiday season. And for celebrities, that often means taking a romantic trip somewhere with their significant other. While we expect a barrage of paparazzi snaps from warm locales like Mexico and Hawaii any day now, in the meantime, we will have to make do with these photos of Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough traipsing around Paris this week, hand-in-hand. [X17]