Bianca Ware and Stephanie Ware face the music!


After years of harassing the Supernatural fandom and its actors, denying things left and right and getting so caught up in their lies that they couldn't get out of them or fix them, the Wares have finally quieted down on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. It seemed to have occured after the announcment that Jared Padalecki (@JarPad on twitter, verified with video proof of being him, video posted below) announced that his wife genevieve Padalecki and him were expecting a son (Due March 12th). After several long, grueling years the Supernatural fandom and everyone involved can finally breath a sigh of reilef as it is confirmed by Stephanie's own son James Ware (Who she constantly denied as being her son) that Jensen Ackles was not only not his father, but had no affiliation to him or his family. Stephanie, her daughter, and their sock puppets across the net has finally disappeared and the fandom can now celebrate that their rein of terror has finally come to an end!

For more info on the Wares check out this site; http://thefandomtruth.webs.com/ Here you can view pictures of them, important snippets of conversation from Twitter and are able to check out the source page to get the full scoop on everything they've ever done (that could be found that is.) Let us all hope that the Ware women can finally move on and be with people that at the very least know they exist.