Links We Love: America Thinks Marriage Is Passe

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40 percent of Americans think marriage is obsolete. Plus, is Facebook a sin?

Each week, Traditional Love rounds up the best (and worst) marriage news from the week. And this week, has plenty of both. Not only are we all in a tizzy over the next royal wedding, but apparently, all this fuss over the dress is just fluff (of the tulle variety). According to a Pew Research poll, 40 percent of Americans think marriage is obsolete. [MSNBC]

So, if 40 percent of Americans think marriage is moot, who is marrying, anyway? Rich, educated white people. [HuffPo]

Another legendary relationship receiving buzz this week is the marriage between Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. Standing the test of time, scandal and the presidency, these two prove that what we call modern love isn't so modern after all. [NPR]

And you can forget the fuss, foibles and frustrations of a royal or presidential wedding. Same-sex couples are hacking marriage by doing it online. [TIME]

TIME also has an interesting article asking that age old question: War... er... Marriage. What is it good for? [TIME]

Once you're married, you have to figure out how to stay together. Real Simple compiled a list of all the little things that keeps couples together, from NPR to snapping dish towels at each other. [Real Simple]

Or, according to Neal Pollack, it's not the little things, it's the solo vacations that make a marriage work. [Salon]

But whatever makes your marriage work, it's definitely not Facebook. Not according to this pastor, who wants you to stop sinning and by sinning he means using Facebook. [MyNorthwest]

I'm not sure how to transition into this topic. So I won't. How about that cohabitation? And if you are cohabiting, why would you ever get married? CNN thinks they have the answer. (Don't they always?) [CNN]