Shocking New Stats About Marriage And Families

Shocking New Stats About Marriage And Families

Researchers studied trends and opinions about modern love and families, with surprising results.

We knew times were changing, but we didn't know just how much. Pew Research Center just released their report about the developing social trends for American marriages and families. There were a ton of interesting statistics, and we were a little shocked by some of the numbers and opinions. It was a bit of an information overload, but we broke down the charts, analyzed the graphs and found a few items that were particularly noteworthy.

Pew took acceptance polls on some of the most significant recent shifts in family dynamics, and compiled some unexpected results. With the image of the powerful working woman becoming a fixture in today's society, people must be accepting of a single woman who wants to raise a child sans husband, right? Wrong. Of those surveyed sixty-nine percent called this a "bad thing" with only 24 percent claimed the idea was "good." Dealing With Guilt As A Working Mom

What about a couple living together without being married? It's an extremely prevalent occurrence, yet only 46 percent think it's a smart move. Forty-three percent say no way, with the remaining nine percent not offering up an opinion. What They Don't Tell You About Moving In Together

Pew's research also showed the rise in interracial marriage from 1960 to present-day.  Five decades ago, newlyweds of different ethnicities comprised a mere two percent of the population. Today, that number has risen dramatically. Now, fifteen percent of couples exchanging vows are of separate races. Interestingly, fourteen percent of people think interracial marriage is a bad idea altogether. Strangely coincidental. Interracial Romance: Is Love Colorblind?

Everyone seems to be buzzing about this new study, and us with them. This is a sampling, but some of the other results are just as staggering. Who knew the numbers would diverge that much from our typical ideas?

Tell us: do these statistics surprise you?