How Long Should You Wait For Him To Propose?

Kate Middleton

Yes, Kate Middleton is finally engaged, but not everybody has eight years to wait for their prince.

A friend's astute husband once said to me, "If it hasn't happened after two years, it probably won't."

We're talking proposals, of course. Kate Middleton would have left four times over, per this man-wisdom. But after an eight-year courtship, the recently engaged young lady is now a soon-to-be royal. lemondrop: Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring—Would You Wear Your MIL's Bling?

Eight years is a long time. It earned Middleton the nickname "Waity Katie." Granted, she and Prince William began dating in college, but it really begs the question: How long should wait for your guy to pop the question? And when do you walk away? lemondrop: Princess Victoria Ties The Knot—12 Royal Wedding Dos and Dont's

Thirty-six-year-old Bonni from Stamford, Conn., waited five years. "He always told me we would get married from the beginning. We would talk about it all the time," she explains. "If I ever wanted to have a serious conversation about it, though, we would end up fighting." (Red flag #1.) lemondrop: Engaged Women Less Happy? Why Getting The Ring Brings Us Down

Dr. Lillian Glass, author of Toxic Men, says avoiding the topic truly is a red flag. "If you have to walk on eggshells, that is a huge signal that the person may be toxic for you," she says. "If they get defensive, it means they have issues and can't communicate freely. If you bring up marriage they can say they are or they aren't ready for it, but if they give you a defensive attitude, that is a sign of future trouble."

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Written by Maureen Dempsey for lemondrop.