Eva Longoria Files For Divorce After Hubby Cheats

Eva Longoria Files For Divorce After Hubby Cheats

A lot of times we see celebrities who are dating incredible looking models or
actresses, or basically women who normal guys would only see in their dreams and
were often jealous. We wish that our girlfriend was that attractive or had been
on the cover of sports illustrated, but at the end of the day were happy with
what we’ve got and appreciate them. Why then, does this sense of appreciation
apply to celebrities who end up cheating on their incredible looking spouses? I
am always astounded when I hear things like Eva Longoria filing for divorce from
Tony Parker because he cheated on
her. Like, really dude? To even be thinking about
on someone as beautiful as Eva is just plain stupid. Do they just
get bored living this perfect life that they feel the need to cheat or do they
do it because they feel they can get away with it. I believe it might have
something to do with the risk of getting caught. The general thrill of doing
something you know you shouldn’t be doing possibly drives them to actually go
through with it. Either way, it’s a horrible betrayal of trust. Good news is
that Eva Longoria is now back on
the market for those lucky enough to run into her. Shame on you Tony, shame on
you! She has since filed for a divorce. However, sources say that she did not
mention adultery when she filed.

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