Mario Lopez Wants To Be Octo-Dad

Mario Lopez Wants To Be Octo-Dad

Lopez is starring in new reality show about fatherhood with his baby mama, Courtney Mazza.

Recently, it's looked like Mario Lopez' latest role is Eva Longoria's mouthpiece. The two have always been weirdly close (in a way that made us wonder if they were secretly having an affair), but we were still surprised when Lopez pretty much spoke on behalf of Eva yesterday, regarding Tony Parker's infidelity and her decision to file for divorce. (As a side note: It's also a bit ironic that Lopez was the one standing up for poor Eva when he cheated on his ex-wife, Ali Landry.)

Anyway, we thought with Eva now a free woman, Mario would finally make his move. But it looks like Lopez and Longoria (their names even sound cute together, right?) are remaining platonic ... for now. And that Mario is joining the rest of Hollywood's C-list stars and jumping on the reality TV bandwagon with his baby mama, Courtney Mazza. According to the New York Post, Lopez and Mazza will star in a reality show or "docu-series" as VH1 is calling it.

Need some help figuring out what that means? (We definitely did.) Here's what Mario had to say:  

"It’s like a bunch of home videos—with great production value. What you see is what you get. This is exactly who we are," the Extra correspondent told the Post.

AC Slater's home videos? Hmmm ... sounds awesome.

And get this, the Saved by the Bell star's show will be called … Saved by the Baby (no joke). We'll pause while you catch your breath…

Here's Mario's lame excuse for the cheesy title:

"I wanted the tone of the show to be fun and funny, and I thought the title was a great play on words. If you want to get deep, sure—I feel blessed."

The reality series will be all about Mario's road to fatherhood, which he hopes will help guide other dads-to-be through the experience (apparently to compensate for all the "lame" baby books out there for men). Mario Lopez' Girlfriend Courtney Mazza Is Pregnant

But it looks like Mario also is hoping to make his new show a long-running hit like Saved by the Bell, and join the Duggars and Gosselins in exploiting his kids' antics in the name of reality TV.  In fact, he tells the Post that he plans to be Octo-dad and have eight kids.

"I come from a big family and I like having kids around. I told her [Courtney] I want to keep it going, but we'll see—the doctor just gave us the go-ahead to be intimate again because she had a C-section," he told the Post. Um, TMI much!

The only thing is Octo-mom's reality show never really ended up happening and oh, yeah there was no man in the picture there ... so wouldn't that make Mario more like the next Jon Gosselin. (Scary thought, huh?) Actually, it's probably a more fitting comparison, considering he cheated on his (now ex) wife.

Plus, we're actually convinced that Mario will end up dumping Mazza mid-way through Season Two (and baby number three) of Saved by the Baby (yes, that means we're actually betting on it succeeding) to finally hook up with Longoria. Come on, the chemistry is definitely there, and Eva has said for a longtime now that she wants to start a family, which we know won't be happening with Tony now. Then Eva can jump on board for Season Three to finish off Lopez' brood. Man, if that's not happily ever after, we don't know what is. Mario Lopez: Lady Killer

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin