ANXIETY The Anxiety Wheel



The Anxiety Wheel

One can be suffering with anxiety and not be fully aware of it.


Do you or a loved one have a habit of counting, picking, checking and
rechecking, always cleaning or struggle in social situations or driving,
maybe leaving the house? What do your closets look like, extremely
organized? Ever feel detached, like you're outside of yourself?

These can often be attributed to anxiety.
Have you ever been called a "worrier", struggle with insomnia or
depression? There are also physical symptoms associated with anxiety.

Anxiety can reek havoc on our physical well being, weaken our immune systems, heart muscle and other vital organs.

It's not uncommon for individuals suffering from various forms of
anxiety and even depression to turn to 'self medicating'. This may take
the form of alcohol and or drugs, self destructive patterns of behavior
and negative self talk.

To have a quiet mind, what might that be like and how can you achieve this - It is possible!

Focusing on one thing helps calm the mind, it does take practice to
train your mind to focus. Breathing can be a good focal point.

For further help, support or guidance you may want to consider joining a
support group, I facilitate several in the Ventura, CA area. Or you may
contact your local social services agency.

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