The Top 2 Ingredients For Good Sex

couple happy in love

When The Beatles sang "all you need is love," we didn't think to take that advice into the bedroom. But now we have reason to. The Top 10 Beatles Love Songs

The Archives of Sexual Behavior has released the findings from a new study that says men and women are more satisfied when having sex out of love and commitment rather than for material gain or to achieve success (really? people still do that?).

The researchers surveyed 544 sexually active college students about sexual satisfaction and their motivations for doing the deed, and out of all the reasons given—revenge, self-esteem, to burn calories—love and commitment correlated most strongly to satisfaction in bed. Sexual motivations like boosting your self-esteem and material gain were linked with lower satisfaction, while pleasure and expression were linked with higher satisfaction. The motivations that led to sexual satisfaction were more varied for women than men, something researchers hypothesized is due to women being the "gate keepers" of sex, as we most often decide when and where it happens. 5 Mistakes Men Keep Making In Bed

Men, unsurprisingly, were more likely to list "having a new experience" as a motivation for sex than women, which adds up, evolutionarily speaking.

Sex while in a committed relationships often gets a bad rap, so it's refreshing to read that love and commitment—not novelty and lust—are indeed dependable ingredients for good sex.

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What are your "ingredients" for sexual satisfaction?