The Top 5 Power Couples at the CMAs

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban

The Country Music Awards got a sprinkling of Hollywood glam, thanks to these 5 celeb couples.

It's no surprise that this year's Country Music Awards were dominated by celebrity couples. Blame it on Faith Hill and Tim McGraw (or even Brooks & Dunn for that matter), but there's just something about a country duo that everybody seems to love. Sadly, though, not everyone was coupled up. Taylor Swift arrived solo without her new boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal - (Maybe Jake took our advice to heart?) - And a "somber-looking" Billy Ray Cyrus made his first red carpet appearance since the news of his split from wife Tish became public. Oh, well, perhaps Billy Ray will write a sad, yet award-winning, country song about their divorce and be back on top at next year's show like the happy couples below?

1. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton - There's no mistaking who the Brangelina of this year's CMAs were. Singer Miranda Lambert took home 3 CMA Awards, including the much coveted Album of the Year trophy, and her fiancé, Blake Shelton, didn't do too badly himself, taking home two wins, including one for Male Vocalist of the Year. Although the couple has had quite the year, both professionally and personally, and even reportedly clinked their glass trophies together when they crossed paths backstage in the press room, Miranda told that she couldn't wait to spend some R&R time with her guy:

"I'm looking forward to the holidays where we can sit down and look at each other and go, 'Holy crap.' We got engaged, and then our careers have just taken off...I couldn't even be happy for myself for winning album of the year until right now because Blake won male vocalist of the year. He is so long-deserving of that. Seeing his face and seeing what it meant to him was really, really touching."

As if their engagement and wins weren't enough to celebrate, the night of the CMAs was also Miranda's 27th birthday!

"I am headed to pizza immediately following these interviews," she said, before breaking into a laugh. Although there's no word on when Miranda and Blake's wedding is, we're guessing she has a little time before she needs to squeeze into her wedding dress!

2. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban - We don't know what it is about this Australian power couple, but, after 4 years of marriage, the two still act like they're on their honeymoon. Although Keith lost the Male Vocalist of the Year Award to Blake Shelton and went home empty-handed, he and Nicole were still all smiles. Nicole was in such a good mood that she even chatted to reporters about their daughter, Sunday Rose, who, according to her mom, has an accent that's a little bit country (more specifically, Nashville - where the family lives) and a little bit of rock and roll Australian.

"She says 'Y'all' and 'G'day, mate'. She's a mix," explained the actress to Hello Magazine.