Best Of The Web: Men Fake It Too & Deal-Breakers

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Plus must-haves lists and dating single moms.

Sweet sassy molassee, it's almost mid-November and I still haven't been to a hot tub party in 2010. This has turned out to be a bad-bad year. I have 50 days to turn this sucker around. In the meantime, here's the best stuff the internet has to offer.

First (and foremost, duh), the crew at Asylum has declared the 18th of November "have sex with a guy with a mustache" day. I believe we live in the age in the mustache as I was invited to enter in a grow-a-mustache for charity contest recently… holy Moses did someone want to have sex with me?

Speaking of mustaches, The Frisky has post on the 5 must-haves (un-deal-breakers, in the YourTango parlance) of various women. I'm proceeding under the assumption that if I was a gal or a gay that having a mustache would be a must-have if a fella wanted to tickle my fancy.

Lots of men have a "dang she's got kids" deal-breaker. MomLogic wants to know what guys really think about dating single moms.

In a similar vein, Sascha Rothchild (over at the Huffington Post) discusses why divorcees make the best dates. I believe she's operating under the assumption that divorced women are dying to get nailed and who am I to tell her she's wrong? Why I Celebrate My Divorce

Speaking of going a long time between drinks (as they say), LoveInTheDumps has a term for gals to describe not getting any (nookie) for a while. It coulda been classier and it coulda been crass-ier, way to hit the sweet spot, gangsters.

Oh boy, one lady from College Candy worries that she might like sex too much. Like can't get enough of it BUT it doesn't interfere with the rest of your life. I would say that sounds like she's a teenage boy. Thoughts? My Husband Was A Secret Sex Addict

And what happens when YOU have had enough sex but he hasn't? My pals Em & Lo ( have their man panel discuss what a guy REALLY thinks when his lady lover says, "Uh, why don't you go ahead and finish yourself of, 'kay?"

And what if the dude has had enough of the intercourse? Have you ever heard of a fellow faking it? The GoodMenProject has and they'd like to discuss it. How To Tell If He's Faking An Orgasm

Clearly, a man faking it would be easy to catch if he was riding bareback (condomless)… segue segue segue… according to Lemondrop a woman in UK is beamin' for some semen (gross) and is willing to puncture a jimmy hat of a one-night stand in an effort to get pregnant… AKA every man's worst nightmare.

And sometimes a one-night stand starts with an awesome bar make-out (or what I like to call magic time). BadOnlineDates asks their resident bartender what he thinks of a couple going at it on a pair of pub stools. Tacky? Sure. But so is white after Labor Day.

And a one-night stand resulting in pregnancy is probably not a great reason to get married but our homies at The Plunge have 10 worse reasons to tie the knot.

Some men never want to get married and maybe his favorite sport will tell you if your guy is that one (or maybe it won't). Anywhat, Glo has a sweet photo gallery on what his favorite sporting event says about a guy.

Apropos of nothing, Leftos has five reasons why it would be super-duper to date Betty White. Reason #6, all the anecdotes of Bea Arthur you can handle.

And, finally, if you're dating Betty White and constantly asking about Bea Arthur, you may feel the reason to apologize. Modern Man has the last word on how to make the perfect apology. My advice, don't use the word "sowwy" or cross your fingers.

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