Blake Not-So-Lively For Adrian Grenier's Affection

Blake Lively

Find out why the 'Entourage' star's play for this 'Gossip Girl' went south.

You gotta give Blake Lively credit where it's due: girlfriend has her eyes on the prize. While many recently single Hollywood starlets end up rebounding in the arms of A-Rod or any boldface name that comes along, Blake seems to be dating with determination since her recent breakup with Penn Badgley. 

First it was the syrupy-sweet ice cream outing at Disneyland with Ryan Gosling (whom Celebitchy hilariously speculated "hit it and quit it" with our dear Blake.) Following that short-lived fodder for the gossip mill, she was spotted dining with Leo DiCaprio on November 3rd—but seemingly more for business than pleasure, as The Great Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann was playing third wheel and likely courting Blake to be Leo's leading lady on-screen. In any case, it seems Badgley's former babe would rather be seen with A-listers than Upper East Siders at this pivotal point in her career. Blake Lively & Penn Badgley Break Up

So that explains why Blake was less than lively when Adrian Grenier tried to cozy up to her at October 20's Vertu party in Gotham. Adrian’s no slouch himself, having been linked to everyone from Ashley Greene to Drew Barrymore to even Kim Kardashian. But Blake was less than impressed:

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