Pink & Carey Hart Are Expecting A Baby

Pink and Carey Hart

Is the singer pregnant with a girl or boy? Either way, the little one is going to love Pink!

Pink’s never exactly been a master of subtlety, and since she’s not really one to hide her feelings, you can get a solid bead on her life just by reading her lyrics. Case in point: after her 2008 split from spouse & motocross racer Carey Hart, she added a new song "So What" to her repertoire.

The single features lines like, "I guess I just lost my husband" and "I’m alright, I’m just fine and you’re a tool." (It’s hard to tell, but we think she might have been a little ticked off at the time.) So, yeah. She kind of lets it all hang out. Now that the couple has mended their relationship, should we be keeping an eye out for a song called "Knocked Up?" A Once-Mean Pink Now Fights Fair In Her Marriage

US Weekly’s reporting that the volatile virtuoso is 12 weeks along with Hart’s baby, and that pair couldn’t be happier. If that’s the case, then why isn’t Pink singing about it? What’s with all the mystery?

And we know these two can make it as rock stars and daredevils, but are they ready for the most dangerous adventure ever? And by that, we mean "parenthood?" Moonit’s ready to find out.

According to their romantic analysis, Pink (born on September 8, 1979) and Carey (born on July 17, 1975) "fit like a glove." It’s probably a good thing that they’re already married, because, by all accounts Carey is Pink’s, "soul mate…someone who finally understands her and all her craziness." This is no mere infatuation; these two can be exactly who they are around each other, "because they know they’re going to love each other even when they’re totally breaking out or come home all sweaty from the gym." Pink To Remarry