Best online dating device since the block button?


Have you ever tried conversing with someone whose soul patch is slightly off center?  That person may be as witty as David Sedaris and as profound as Maya Angelou but it’s the patch, not the titillating conversation, that keeps your attention.


Spelling mistakes and typos on your online dating profile are just as distracting.  They drive me crazy in the same way that a wee bit of chalk left over on a improperly erased blackboard drives me crazy (grade school was traumatic!). 


Can you blame me if I want to swat someone with my pocket dictionary?


Worse still are grammatical errors. When I see “looking for a guy who’s totally out their” or “looking for an independant girl”, I think the person is a few sentences short of literate.


I even saw one profile with the instructions: Don’t contact me if you don’t like intelligant conversation.




There’s no reason for spelling and grammar mistakes. All you have to do is proofread. At the very least, spell check. It's a simple command and it takes seconds.


Posting an online dating profile with mistakes in it is as sloppy as going out on a date with stains all over your clothes. So clean up then post.


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