Disgraced Beauty Queen Carrie Prejean Is Pregnant

Carrie Prejean

The scandal-plagued ex-Miss USA announces that she's expecting her first child.

But that was only the beginning of Prejean's troubles.... Shortly after her reign began, racy pics of a semi-nude Carrie went viral on the web. Luckily for the blond bombshell, Donald Trump (who, for some odd reason, owns and runs the Miss USA and Miss Universe organizations) came to her rescue. Declaring that "the pictures taken were fine" (or maybe, it was more like he enjoyed perusing them?), the Donald allowed Carrie to keep her crown.

Then, just when she thought her title was secure, Prejean lost it for violating her contract and her "unwillingness to make appearances on behalf" of the organization, according to pageant officials. But Prejean blamed her comments on gay marriage for her scandal-plagued (and short-lived) reign and filed a suit against the organization for religious discrimination. 

"None of this would be happening right now if I just said, 'Yeah, gays should get married. You're right, Perez Hilton," she later said.

The pageant in turn, countersued for the value of the breast implants they'd paid for. But THEN Prejean dropped the charges when her solo sex tape (that she made when she was just 18-years-old) came out. The Carrie Prejean Sex Tape: All The Dirt

Geez, quite the rollercoaster huh? Guess it's no surprise that Carrie decided to step out of the limelight and focus on family after all that pageant drama. But, judging by her husband's ecstatic reaction to the baby news, she seems to have successfully put the past scandals behind her. And it looks like everything worked out for the best for her. So congrats to Carrie and her Kyle!