Is Rielle Hunter Cheating On John Edwards?

Rielle Hunter

Frustrated that she can't marry John Edwards, Rielle reportedly looked up her old Hollywood beaus.

In a laughable twist to the whole John Edwards cheating on his wife situation, his mistress, Rielle Hunter, is now supposedly straying on the former U.S. Senator, according to the National Enquirer.

The way we hear it, it looks like Rielle seems to be frustrated that she can't marry her lover. So, according to a source that spoke to the Enquirer, she wants the next best thing! 

"Marrying a famous actor is high up in those dreams of hers," said the insider.

That's why Rielle supposedly set out to find her old flames like John Cusack and Matt LeBlanc in L.A.—but as it turns out, she didn't end up getting very far finding either of them.

However, there's yet another wrinkle to the story: that her ex-boyfriend mission never happened, so claims Rielle in an exclusive statement to People Magazine. Issued by her spokesperson, she states: "The story is not true. Rielle Hunter has not been to Los Angeles in two years."

The statement also went on to say that while she knew Cusack once, she hasn't spoken to him in several years, and she doesn't even know LeBlanc.

As for the relationship with John? Rielle says it's fine and that she sees him regularly. Friends of the former vice presidential candidate, meanwhile, say he only sees her as "part of the logistics of visiting his daughter."

Well, we have to say that after catching wind of this latest tidbit, we would admittedly been kind of impressed if Rielle can claim Hollywood cuties like Cusack or LeBlanc in her pool, however loosely she may have "dated" them. But, since she's denying it all, we'll say that the story of a mistress cheating on her already cheating man is pretty amusing, even more than the stories about her trying to get nearly $20,000 a month in child support. John Edwards Kicks His Baby Mama Out

In any case, with this whole sex tape scandal playing out in the courts right now, we're thinking it's a safe bet that these two won't be running down the aisle any time soon. John Edwards Sex Tape. Plus, Love Child Is His!

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