Is Cyber Cheating Really Cheating?

Is Cyber Cheating Really Cheating?

As technology advances, so do the methods that people can cheat. Before
the days of cell phones and picture messaging, people had to relay on
actually seeing each other in order to get things done, but now with
picture messaging and facebook people can communicate without even being
in the same part of the world. What happens when you find that your
partner has been sending inappropriate texts of pictures to someone
else? Does this count as cheating since it can be assumed that if the
person was nearby they would be seeing the real thing? Clearly they are thinking about cheating.
I personally think that this should count as cheating, as there are
many ways to go about it. Cheating constitutes more than just a physical
affair, it can be an emotional affair
as well and when you send pictures to supplement the emotions you
become heavily involved with someone else. The upside to this form of
cheating, cyber cheating that is, is that it often leaves a very
distinct trail to follow and is usually very easy to find and track.
That leads us to ask whether or not its ok to go through your partners
cell phone or facebook, which is a topic we can discuss a different day.
What do you guys think on cyber cheating?
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